Howie is not impressed.

I never noticed this when I was a kid.

She likes Brett’s shoe.

So fab #crossover

I found vegeta.

Cause I’m so cool #nostalgia

Bree and Tiner’s Slumber partay! We be geekin it up.

I miss living in this area.

Thing #47 I hate waiting for.

Bright purple socks with nice blue dress? Yep. #iamfashion

Howie decided to hang out under my dress.

Had a dream last night that monsters were attacking humans. They were fully invisible until they attacked, and when they did, they looked like this. They would grab you with they long arm, hold you in and breathe the poison that surrounds them into you.

You only wish you were this cool.

My night bus is never this empty. I’m scared, this is a conspiracy.

Today is pretty.